Insect Control for Lawns

With our series of 4 natural formula sprays approximately one month apart. We can repel most insects that damage your lawn. It is safe for people and pets to walk on immediately after the application. If you are worried about fleas and ticks, this will deter them too. You can lengthen your flea and tick protection into the fall with a 5th treatment if desired, or you could order ourYard Defender – full property protection program instead.

Yard Defender –Full property

Ant, flea, and tick Control

We use the same cedar spray as the Insect Preventer, but we treat your all the plantings on the property as well as the lawn. This allows us to treat the branches of shrubs, trees and trunks, where ticks may be waiting for an unwitting person. We pay special attention to the property borders. Generally, 5 treatments are done throughout the season.

Note: Our Natural Eco-Friendly insect control programs are among the best in the industry to control these problems safely. Even with chemicals, you’ll always find some insects on lawns. It’s only natural.