At Lawns By Glen, we are professionals in all lawn care and landscaping services. We believe that a healthy lawn requires fertilization and we do that too! We like to start organically fertilizing your lawn when temperatures are mild in the spring; this is when grass begins to grow in Lincoln, Milford, Camden-Wyoming and surrounding areas. Your grass needs regular feedings and after the initial spring application, we come back about 6 weeks later for the second application of your 6 step Organic Fertilizing program. We fertilize every 6 to 8 weeks based on the professional fertilizing program you choose.

There are 3 important things needed for a green healthy lawn, known as NPK. The first is nitrogen: this makes your grass green and lush. The second, phosphorus, helps with root health during early plant development.  And third, potassium, is for the overall plant health & vigor. We know the exact amount of organic fertilizer and which fertilizer to apply to your lawn based on the season and type of grass you have.

Our Services for a Healthy Lawn:

  • Platinum Organic lawn Care program
  • Gold Organic lawn Care program
  • Premium Organic lawn Care program
  • Weed Control in your lawn and landscaping beds
  • Premium Lawn Maintenance
  • Professional Lawn Maintenance
  • Organic Pest Control (outdoor)
  • Mosquito Control
  • Glen’s Compost Plus
  • Over seeding
  • Aeration
  • Soil Test

We want your lawn and landscaping to be green and healthy because it is a reflection of our work. If you own a property, or you’re located in, our service area (25+/- mile radius around Lincoln, DE) give us a call at (302) 393-5396.  We’d love to come take a look at your lawn and suggest an organic fertilization and treatment package that will deliver you a healthy and verdant landscape!