When people think about maintaining their lawns, they often only consider the routine cutting, mowing, and edging necessary to keep their grass looking well maintained. This mentality is the primary cause of patchy and distressed looking lawns. In order to keep your grass healthy and vibrant at all times, you must conduct regular maintenance services, as well as those less frequently thought of, such as over seeding, in our somewhat salty air climate.  At Lawns by Glen, we are here to help you in this regard.

One of the most important and beneficial regular lawn maintenance tasks is over seeding. Essentially, at prescribed times of the year, you should add new grass seed to your lawn. This effort greatly increases the density and fullness of your grass. With the help of our experts, your over seeding will be conducted in the most professional and timely manner.

If you need help maintaining the beauty and health of your lawn, call the organic lawn care experts at Lawns By Glen today. We’d be happy to answer questions about regular lawn maintenance and over seeding, or we can schedule an appointment to pay you a visit and give you an estimate for over seeding your fescue.

Why Over Seeding Is Important

Your grass consists of living organisms. Like all other life, as grass matures, it will become less healthy and will reproduce at a slower rate. As such, if you do not add new grass seed to your lawn, the density of your lawn will decrease and patches will develop.

This situation is problematic for multiple reasons. First, a less full and more spotty lawn simply does not look as good. Second, these patches provide space for weeds and other unwanted plants to take purchase in your lawn. After this occurs, it will be even harder to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful.

Over Seeding Promotes Health and Density

When you hire the lawn care professionals at Lawns By Glen to help maintain your landscaping, you make the best possible choice for your lawn. We can help you routinely over seed your grass at the correct time of year to ensure optimal results. Your lawn will always have young, healthy, and highly reproductive grass present.

With this routine treatment, your yard will be less likely to develop patches and problem areas. Likewise, you lawn will be less susceptible to weed growth and pest infestation. You and your family will always be able to take pride in the beauty, fullness, and richness of your well maintained grass.