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Platinum Organic Lawn Care Program

Platinum Organic Lawn Care Program (7 Step + Aeration + Premium Compost PLUS)

Platinum Organic Lawn Care Program

When converting from a chemical approach or starting a new lawn maintenance program for the first time we strongly suggest you start here!

Glen's Platinum Program is an all inclusive premiere program that is golf course and professional sports field quality. We truly believe this program is the best in the professional lawn care industry today! This program also includes an application of our Compost Plus, releasing millions of microorganisms into your soil to improve soil biology, water retention, and root growth.

Included in the Platinum Program:

  • All the benefits of our Premium and Gold Program which consist of six applications of organic lawn care treatments
  • Aeration and Overseeding
  • 1 Premium Compost Plus Application (@ rate of 40lbs per 1,000 SF)
  • Weed control included with application
  • Two pest Control Applications

If you are interested in our Platinum Organic Lawn Care Program, please call 302-393-5396 or complete our online request form.

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