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Organic Lawn Care Tips

Check out the most recent Lawn Care Tips from Lawns By Glen for lawn maintenance tips and more from our Lawn Care Company.

A Healthy Lawn Begins With Professional Fertilization

Lawn Care ServiceLawns By Glen are professionals in all lawn care and landscaping services. A healthy lawn requires fertilization and we do that too!. We like to start organically fertilizing your lawn when temperatures are mild in the spring; this is when grass begins to grow in Lincoln, Milford, Camden-Wyoming, Delaware and surrounding areas.… Read More

6-Step Approach to Organic Lawn Care

lawn maintenance lincoln deI was looking for a way, or a different way or different approach to Organic Lawn Care For Delaware lawns when I read an article about Tom Kelly and BeeSafe Lawn care. In 1997 Tom started his own lawn care company. … Read More

What Is Oranic Lawn Care?

lawn maintenance lincoln deWhether you are just now introducing a lawn care program to your lawn or transitioning your lawn from chemical to an organic lawn the following will give you the understanding of the process and what the difference is. "Organic lawn care in Delaware is the process of creating healthy turf by employing the use of natural inputs to build organic matter in the soil" … Read More

Choosing a Lawn Care Service?

lawn maintenance lincoln deIt’s getting to be that time. That time when, the Lawn Care Service Company, marketing machines come knocking on your door. For better or worse many of the larger and national companies have become well knows as marketing firms disguised as lawn care companies. As a consumer this can be a turn off but many times the persistence pays off for the big guys. … Read More

What Homeowners Should Know About Regular Lawn Maintenance in Lincoln, DE

lawn maintenance lincoln deEveryone knows that grass must be routinely cut or mowed. However, not everyone goes about doing this in a correct fashion. Mowing your lawn is actually very harsh on your grass. If you cut your grass too short, it will be damaged tremendously and can become susceptible to many problems. In order to help you with your regular lawn maintenance needs, our Lincoln lawn care professionals have provided the following information on mowing, aeration, over seeding, and more … Read More

Why Lawns Benefit from Over Seeding in Lincoln, DE

overseeding lincoln deYour grass consists of living organisms. Like all other life, as grass matures, it will become less healthy and will reproduce at a slower rate. As such, if you do not add new grass to your lawn, the density of your lawn will decrease and patches will develop. A less full and more spotty lawn not only looks bad, it provides space for weeds and other unwanted plants … Read More

If you are looking for any other Lawn Care Tips in Lincoln, DE or nearby please call 302-393-5396 or complete our online request form.

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